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Franz Liszt in Bellagio

Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt was a composer, pianist, conductor and organist Hungarian. He studied and played at Vienna and Paris, he traveled throughout Europe giving concerts a little 'everywhere. 

It was one of the great piano virtuosos of the nineteenth century, revolutionized piano technique and the relationship between audience and performer.
It was bound to Chopin by friendship and esteem. In 1865 he became abbot in the Catholic Church. In Bellagio Liszt lived with Marie d'Agoult in 1837 and 1838, and Como - 24 December 1837 - was born their daughter Cosima, Wagner's future wife. There could be more attractive places to inspire great works (witness the continuing influx of painters who immortalized the beautiful landscapes) or more romantic place for the birth of love.

Liszt has combined both immortal, leaving the imprint of its passage. Franz Liszt spent in Bellagio also a long and enchanting honeymoon with Catherine Marie de Flavigny, Comtesse d'Agoult. Even today it is said, in memory of the romantic love story, that nothing bears more luck to a marriage than to spend their honeymoon in Bellagio. In memory of the period that Liszt spent in Bellagio is a plaque which reads the following sentence: "From August to December 1837 SPENT IN BELLAGIO with Madame d'Agoult one of the most fervent OF PASSION AND HIS CREATION MUSIC OF THE STORM ROMANTIC LIFE. "

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