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A Brief History of Bellagio

La storia di Bellagio

Bellagio protagonist in the story through the centuries and historical periods.

Insubri e Galli

Insubres and Gauls. It all began with the first residents of the Bellagio, the Insubres, who settled in Milan and Como and lived prosperous years until the arrival of the Gauls in 600 BC Once defeated by the Gauls, the population was integrated with the new rulers and took the name of Gallo-Insubria, just to remember the origins of the defeated people.

The Roman period
Later, in 196 BC, took over the rule of Romans, intent in their conquest to the north.
Since then it became Bellagio, as well as the Roman garrison, also a point of passage and wintering of the Roman armies who came to the Rezia, through the pass Spluga. The resort was wintering at the foot of today's Villa Serbelloni, sheltered from north winds and a Mediterranean climate..

Being a charming place, and of great strategic position, soon became the shelter of numerous ethnic groups and the mixture of races led to the introduction of many Mediterranean crops such as olive and laurel.
Bellagio also experienced the glories of literature with Virgil and Pliny the Younger in the early decades of the empire that he built a villa as a summer residence.

The Middle Ages

Later, in the Middle Ages, Bellagio was subject to various rules, fortified by Justinian that because of the geographical significance that had, from Charlemagne, who divided the territory into fiefs, to the domination of the Ottos of Germany.

The greatest battle that took part in Bellagio was definitely that of ten years from 1117 to 1127 defeating Como and later also defeated Frederick Barbarossa, always as an ally in Milan (at the time of formation of the Lombard League) and also intervening in the Battle of Legnano ( 1176), against Barbarossa and Como.

The Renaissance

Bellagio in 1450 joined the new domain Sforza after a battle and the loss of the fortress.
Later, in the duchy of Ludovico il Moro, the fief of Bellagio, taken to the lordship of the bishop of Como, was assigned to the Marquis Stanga, who was also helped to build, to the top of the hill of Bellagio, a villa that was later destroyed during a raid of Cavargnoni.

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