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The Tower of Bellagio

Torre delle Arti

The St. James Tower, which rises on the south-east of Church Square, served as the entrance and was an integral part of the defensive system of the ancient castle on the promontory of Bellagio. As the bell tower of the church of San Giacomo, the Tower of the same name is attributed to the period between 1100 and 1200.

In a more recent period, the St. James Tower was flanked by a building connected to it by two doors / passages that suggest the joint use at certain historical moments.

In 1984, under the auspices of its director, Roberto Celli, the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio gives the city its architectural unity of Bellagio Tower adjacent to St. James. It was not until the year 2008 because, thanks to the then President of PromoBellagio, Rita Annunziata, gave life to and instigated a rescue and rehabilitation programme of this historic building. The collaboration between the City of Bellagio and PromoBellagio allowed for them to gain financial support from the region of Lombardy, the community foundation and non-profit organization “Fondazione Comunità Comasca Onlus” and several private lenders including a decisive role that must be given to deserving British citizen Alan Howard. In 2010, the City Council prepared the plan of action for restructuring and inaugurated the work, which, after several months, culminated with the opening of the exhibition center 'Tower of the Arts'.

Something not to forget is the support of all the other lenders, that made possible with their partnership and support have enabled us to achieve these important results:

  • Lombardy Regional Department of Culture
  • Provincial non-profit organization of the Community Foundation Comasca
  • Municipality of Bellagio
  • Brothers Bifolco
  • Family Barindelli
  • Foundation Greco - De Vecchi Onlus
  • Group Burraco presso RSA Greco - De Vecchi

Technical advice thanks to:

  • Opera - Integrated services for buildings
  • Common technical office of Bellagio: ing. Maroni
  • Commission Chairman Landscape - Andrea Negrini

Finally, but not in order of importance thanks to the companies:

  • Edil Bellagio - Rossi Cristian
  • Carpenteria Fratelli Rusconi
  • Lifting platform - AMC Casiraghi Davide
  • Plasterboards - Balicco Flavio
  • Electrical installations - Valsecchi Roberto
  • Hardware  - Nicolin - Gilardoni Gabriele
  • Painting - Luperto Walter
  • Mechanical system – idrico sanitari - Termoidraulica Barindelli
  • Stones supplier: La grotta srl
  • Graphics – Colombo Anita e Giorgini Giuseppe

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