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From all over the world to say "YES" in Bellagio

wedding a bellagio

Bellagio is the ideal location to fulfill your dream of a life together, as the charm and the charm that made her famous in the world.

Every year many couples come from all over the place, British, Americans, Russians and Germans vying for the chance to get married or renew the promise of dealing with a civil servant.

The ceremonies are usually held in the ancient library, which offers more than inside a beautiful garden, and a policy that will keep you away from prying eyes.

If you prefer to display and show everyone your love, the option of celebrating in a magnificent hotel overlooking the lake, will allow you to share a day of celebration with the people who dream about hating a bit '.
Of course the organization is treated in detail and there are experts in all fields who will follow the choices to make every moment memorable.
From entertainment music, floral decorations at the Bellagio's famous nurserymen, from makeup and hairstyles for the bride to photographers and videographers.
Everything must be perfect!
We also offer operators in assisting to provide document and interpreters for foreign nationals.

But the day must be special for your guests and then we organize boat trips and tours of the beautiful Lake Como and its surroundings to cheer the participants before the sumptuous banquet in the most exclusive hotels.
To end the evening we also offer fireworks that will take your breath away watching the lake and the beautiful setting of the mountains that surround it.

So you just have to come to Bellagio, fall in love with the place, and let your dream come tru in the most romantic place of the world.

Photo: Lido boat from the archive of Bellagio

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