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Coffè with history at Bar Rossi

Bar Rossi

One of the steps that we recommend during your stay in Bellagio, is definitely the Bar Rossi.
A historic bar, which has existed since the beginning of 900's, and that comes as a tea room, following in the footsteps of the most famous English tea rooms.


Wooden Copyrights

Tradizione della lavorazione del legno

Souvenirs have a unique charm; very often these small objects contain both a long history of craftsmanship and traditions.
That is why if you are in Bellagio and you allow yourself some time to shop, among the most characteristic objects you should choose to buy are wooden carved creations.
The tradition of inlayed olive wood has its roots in a distant past (the early twentieth century) made by master craftsmen, who used this wood (the slopes of the lake are rich in olive trees) to make kitchen utensils.


Christmas in blown glass

Tradizione della lavorazione del vetro

The craftsmanship in its purest form, a group of women that boast 'infinite patience, a gentle touch and who accurately implement and paint the most beautiful Christmas decorations in glass, which adorn the most famous trees in the States.