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June 8 to 30 "Cosmogonie" at Villa Carlotta

8 - 30 Giugno "Cosmogonie" a Villa Carlotta

From 8 to 30 June at Villa Carlotta will be held "Cosmogony" the great mystery of the universe explored between ancient and contemporary art.
Works by Paolo Barlusconi and a unique collection of ancient books of Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler to tell the story of the most revolutionary scientific thought.


From May 17 to June 23 - The plants of Kafka. Memories of a visit to Villa Carlotta

Le piante di Kafka. Memorie di una visita a Villa Carlotta

From 17 May to 23 June, on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Franz Kafka, it will be possible to trace, in an imaginary blast from the past, the routes that the Prague writer walked in the park of Villa Carlotta and the plants that most fascinated him in during his stay of September 1, 1911.


May 10 to 26 Villa Carlotta "Ad Vivum": When the miracle of nature becomes art

70 acquarelli a tema botanico degli artisti di Floraviva From May 10 to 26 will be on display in the halls of Villa Carlotta, more than 70 botanical plates created by the artists of the Association Floraviva. The works, which portray "Ad vivum" and full-size flowers and fruits of native flora and exotic species, are made of cotton paper and on parchment with the technique of watercolor and gouache. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a heavy schedule of practical demonstrations.


Cordoglio per la scomparsa del Presidente di Villa Carlotta

Prof. Giacomo Elias

L'amministrazione Comunale di Bellagio si unisce al cordoglio per la scomparsa, il 1° maggio scorso, del Prof. Giacomo Elias, Presidente di Villa Carlotta.


From May 10 - Vivaldi to Villa Carlotta. The concerts of baroque music

Vivaldi a Villa Carlotta. Al via i concerti di musica baroccaAfter the great success of the festival dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi ended Friday, April 27 with the concert "La traviata in the living room," the witness now goes to Antonio Vivaldi, the protagonist of a series of special concerts at Villa Carlotta. The musical adventure begins on Friday, May 10 at 21.00 with the "Concerto per violino e archi" will be as violin soloist Tatiana Reout to continue Friday, May 31 at 21:00 always with lively notes, contagious and highly virtuosic "L estro Armonico ", oxymoron created by the Venetian composer to highlight the search for the perfect balance between inspiration, that is pure fantasy and the tight constraints imposed by the rules of harmony.