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From 4 to 12 October Villa Carlotta at Mercanteinfiera


From 4 to 12 October, at Mercanteinfiera (Parma), workshops for adults and children, between art and suggestions green signed by Villa Carlotta: intaglio printing, marbled paper with a floral theme and biology classes for the little ones.


Until 9 November at Villa Carlotta - Exhibition - Golf. Once upon a time

Villa Carlotta

Ancients photos, memorabilia and vintage items, traces the love of the land and the passion for the sport's élite of Lake Como from the early '900.


Yoga at Villa Carlotta - October 5,12,19

Yoga a Villa Carlotta

"Yoga and view, a conscious approach" by Stefano Audisio. 3 lessons on 5, 12 and 19 October to get ready to see the world in a different way. Yogic practices and exercises to improve eyesight.


6 settembre - Concerto "Francesco Buzzurro" a Menaggio

Francesco Buzzurro

Sabato 6 settembre il chitarrista siciliano FRANCESCO BUZZURRO sarà in concerto a Menaggio - Como (Piazza Garibaldi – ore 22.30) nell’ambito del Festival Internazionale della Chitarra che, giunto alla settima edizione, propone anche quest’anno le performance di alcuni tra i migliori chitarristi italiani e stranieri nella splendida cornice della cittadina sul Lago di Como.


From September 6 to 14 at Villa Carlotta

Dal 6 al 14 settembre a Villa Carlotta illusioni di carta pesta

From September 6 to 14, at Villa Carlotta poet papier Laura Lussiana.
Among decorative solution include unpublished trials and green, the ancient art technique alive in a contemporary way. 6, 7 and 13 September, the workshops where required by the recycled materials of all kinds as they change and become art.