The Royal Road

The "Royal Road" 35 km of unspoilt relaxation. A few years ago, an ancient map was rediscovered in Como, restoring the route of an old mule, long forgotten, which connects the city of Como with the center of Bellagio, arriving in Ponte del diavolo.

In the past it was a network of mule tracks, connecting all the countries of the LarianTriangle (the large rocky outcrop that divides the branches of Lake Como and Lecco),allowing shepherds, travelers and traders to cross the length and off the land. Today is a historic route that provides insight often unknown aspects of the lake and its region.

The Ancient Royal Road (or Antica via Reginais a pedestrianor bicyclesome thirtykilometers (the path can be easily splitoffering an unparalleled view of Lake while allowing for a relaxing walk away from traffic .

The route is on pavement and trails laid with local stoneand through small villages now in upstream now in the valley, highlighting two styles of life: that of the fishermen and mountain pastures. There remain a number of finds such as stone bridges, stone walls, shrines, taverns with signs, faded by time.

Who wants to go the whole route of the Old Royal Road Como can be reached by caror train and go to Brunate.
From the first part of the country road that leads to the countries of Blevio, Torno,Molina, Palanzo, Carreno and finally arrives at Bellagio. To return to Como you cantake a bus Spt.

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